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Name the Caption January 1, 2006

Hugo thinking to himself: "This is what I get for being a drag queen first and now this Elf Lord with long hair! What is with the the braids, I look like a really weird Pippy Longstockings? Elves should have thought of feathers and jewels."

Elrond goes to the new Year's party in his Princess Leia costume yet

Elrond vows never to visit the Elves Hairdresser Guild again.

Elrond awakes from a nap while babysitting a young Arwen.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

Introducing the Poster for the new movie "The Queen of the Rings~The Fellowship of Priscilla and the Desert."

"Hey Peter am I supposed to be playing Elrond or Princess Leia?!"

"Are you laughing at MY hair, Mr. Anderson?"

(Thinking:) Wait a minute!  Am I playing Elrond or Mitzi today?  I am so confused!

(Thinking): How will I ever get to sleep tonight on this 'do'?