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Name the Caption February 4, 2006

Gandalf: "Wall Street Journal? I don't remember there being a Wall Street in Minas Tirith. Now that I think of it, it is in Mordor! Crooks the whole lot of them! Not satisfied with wanting the world but every body's livelihood!  Frodo better hurry up and get rid of that bloody Ring!"

Ian: "Looks like more Orc Crap is up today, I mean Oil Prices are up."

Gandalf hadn’t had a chance to check up on his investments since that dust-up with the Balrog. “Hmmm . . .  Drat! Consolidated Southfarthing Pipeweed is down again!”

“{mumbling} precious, preci, precious {mumbling} - Precious metals are on the rise.”

"Hey, there are no comics in this paper!  I want my Gondor Gazette!"