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Dom: "You're supposed to put it in the ground."
Billy: "It is in the ground!"
Dom: "No it isn't. It's gone."
Billy: "You've lost it."
Don: "*I* didn't lose it. You lost it."
Billy: "What was it again?"


Dom: Let me see those hands.  I knew it!  You've been touching things you shouldn't again!
Billy:  I'm sorry okay?  I just can't help myself!


Billy: <swat!>
Dom: "That was no giant mosquito, Billy! It was Gandalf's moth! The Herald of the Eagles! Ewwww....bug juice!"


Merry: "What do you mean it was that big? (Merry holding onto Pippin's wrists moving his hands closer) Don't you mean maybe that big?"


Billy: Im telling you, it was right here just a minute ago!
Dom: Now I know what it means to be Up the Anduin without a paddle!

March 6, 2005