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March 22, 2005

Eeny Meeny Miiinnee eye.............catch a Hobbit by his tie....

Liv: Let's play the "Two Towers game", Elijah! I'll be Frodo and you can be Gollum with the elvish rope around your neck!
Elijah: Help!

Liv: "Peter, you said I could take any souvenir but Elijah's not cooperating."

Liv: "You see girls, he can be trained! You just have to know when and where to grab his tie and keep him close!"
Elijah: "I'm not worried, me worried, well, sort of! Somebody, anybody, a little help to loosen her grip! Where is my Royal Kathleen!!??

Liv: Stay still Elijah!  I'll never get you wrapped up in time for Kathleen's birthday!

Liv: "He's not Bob, but he'll have to do. Now get over here and pucker up Elijah!"