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Name the Caption May7, 2006

EW: "Is it a bird?"
DM: "Or is it a plane?"
OB: "None of them, it is PJ as 'SUPER ORC MAN',  quick run inside!"

EW: What the... ???
DM: I've never seen something like that before. Weird!
OB: It draws nearer. Get down!

PJ's been grabbed by a giant ape! SAVE HIM!

"We missed Lucky Gamgees birthday! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

EW: Peter! No fair hanging the chocolate covered orc just out of reach!
DM: I wants it my preciousssssss.
OB: No! I want it, get out the way!

By Eärendil, what a humungus bird. That is the biggest ... what is that coming out of ... ¡¡¡NO!!!

Watch it, the Fairies are loose, and they are carrying Dragons!


"The Eagles are here to rescue us.....uh, on second thought...they haven't
eaten in weeks and are starving!"