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Name the Caption July 10, 2005

Sam's thoughts: "What the heck have I gotten myself into!"

.Sam's thinking: "Why Mordor?  Why couldn't Sauron have created this stupid ring where it would be easy to get rid of it!

Sam finds "Rosie loves Legolas" carved on a tree trunk.

Sam catches Gollum during a private moment.

Sam surprises Pippin and Merry one morning.

Oh My The Rangers have left behind potatoes; Taters at last.

`A nice pickle we have landed ourselves in, Mr. Frodo!' Sam said.

"Oh no, one of my Hobbit ears is coming unglued!"

"Did I remember to turn off the stove before we left home?"

(Sam, thinking) 'Oh no, I shouldn't have eaten all that Elvish food!  Where's the Elvish Outhouse? I wonder if Elves use toilet paper?'