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Name the Caption August 7, 2005

"Orli is a better surfer. At least he didn't get a black eye surfing down those Helm's Deep Stairs."

Hmmm. So you surf TOWARDS the beach.

“Guess I should've read these directions BEFORE I tried surfing . . . “

"I guess Arwen didn't believe me when I told her Eowyn and I are 'just friends’!"

"Those Haradrim lifeguards are TOUGH - when they say 'no surfboards', then mean no surfboards!!"

Viggo: Next time I am going to read this Surfing manual before I get on the surfboard. Billy kept yelling "hang 10," and I thought he was saying "bang head."

"Hmmm. Compared to surfing, falling off a cliff isn't so bad."