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Name the Caption September 6, 2005

. . . he gazed blankly at the back of Pippin's head again.  If he could only perform Legilimency and open a window in the back of his head and see what it was about trolls that had caused the breach between Pierre Bonaccord and Liechtenstein . . .

Dom: "Well, it seems I am taller than you, Billy. But these wigs were made to make you look taller!"
Billy: "Wigs, smigs, I am taller with or without this wig! The wind doesn't help, my wig wants to take off".

Dom:  " Why do Pete and Fran give Billy all the funny lines? I'm just as funny as him....ha...funnier!"

Billy:  I guess I shouldn't have smoked so much "pipeweed"
Dom:  Are my eyes as red as yours?

Dom: Uh, Billy, Just where in the script does it say that my character goes
into battle singlehandedly against Saruman's entire army ?