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Name the Caption November 9, 2005

Ian: "Looks like Viggo made it to second base!"
Orlando: "Oops, he got tagged! Gee, this is a new look for me. Will help in my next movie? A pirate's life for me!"
PJ: "Viggo is safe! Yeah you look good as a pirate! Who's turn at bat? I think it is Dom's turn."
Ian: "What is the score? Hobbits 4 and Elves, Men, and Wizards 5!"
PJ: "The grips want to play for the Hobbits side!"
All are laughing as Gimli slides at home plate and knocks down the Orc Catcher! Looks like the Orc is not to happy, run Gimli Run!!!!!!

I told Liv that we couldn't see her changing clothes if she hid behind those bushes.

Ian: What say you, Peter, instead of all this slashing and hacking for the
grand finale, we simply strip Orly naked, tie him to that tree over there
and let his fans have at him?

Orly: Ha! Ha! You're such a comedian, Ian!


PJ tries to choose a hat to wear on "Wear a Silly Hat at Work Day"